About ProCat-cat registry

About ProCat-cat registry

ProCat-cat registry is an open international (select the language on the top), breed and organisation independent channel to share information of cats. Anyone anywhere in the world can study and add cat information. And cats may have virtually unlimited variety of data - you can also choose to limit the visibility of the data for only selected users or user groups. You manage information of the cats and user groups you have added to the registry.
ProCat-cat registry offers a very wide range of functions to use cat information if you are searching a cat for yourself, if you have kittens growing up or you are planning to breed or if you are just looking for information about cats. More in Tips for use (click the Tips for use -text to see the tips).

Tips for use

The more cats and the wider information has been added to the registry, the greater the benefit to all users - it is up to you. Provide information of your cats to other users. Encourage others to add their cats also to the registry - so all will benefit more! Wheather you want to improve health, temperament or outlook of your cats - ProCat-cat registry provides tools for every areas of breeding if you like. ProCat-cat registry expands according to user needs.

Cats added to the registry within a month by breeds

Amount of cats added to the registry by breeds

Please contact registry's administrators, if you would like to add information which is not possible to add to the registry or you have good suggestions for developing the registry - don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on how to use the registry.

Administrators of ProCat-cat registry

We are grateful to all who want to help development of English, French or German version of the registry. Send us fixes and translations of the false or uncomplete texts!