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Russian Blue - Finland

Statictics on Russian blue cats born in Finland for each year: number of cats, average of COI = Coefficient of inbreeding (6 generations) and ALC = Ancestor loss coefficient (10 calculations), number of litters, average litter size, number of used males and females in breeding and effective population calculated with 2 different ways: I: Effective population = 4 * number of males * numbere of females / (number of males + number of females), II: 1/(2*COI growth rate). If number is 0, calculation is not possible as COI of offspring is lower than COI of parents.

YearCatsMalesFemalesMales used in breeding% of all malesFemales used in br.% of all femalesCOI (6)ALC (10)LittersAvg litter sizeDifferent siresDiff. damsEffective population: IEff.Pop: IICOI5 offspringCOI4 parents